Music therapy is the treatment of the whole person through
planned personal interaction and the manipulation of the
musical environment.
 This definition is from the new textbook,
Music Therapy in Principle and Practice,
written with my colleague Doctor Don Michel.  
It is now available from the Publisher.  The
textbook has been translated into Japanese.  
My thanks to all who assisted with writing,
publication, translation, and to my students
at the university for testing the book during
the development stage.  It is a well-written
introductory book for those who want to learn
about music therapy - written in a style that most anyone can
understand.  Click on the book title above for more information.
Click on the rectangle at right to see a video that
shows me discussing and demonstrating some
of the music therapy techniques that I used in my
work at Texas Woman's University.
Here is another 35 minute video that does not
include me, but it has a lot of very good
information about how music affects the brain
and how the brain processes music stimuli.
The Music in My Heart Is the official song of
the Southwestern Region of the American Music
Therapy Association.  Here is a video of me
performing the song on my final program at TWU:  
Don passed away
in 2010.  During
the next year I was
able to finish the  
Revised Second
He was a
good friend and
mentor who set a
good example and
encouraged me.
A.M.T.A. is the American Music Therapy Association - the organization that
has been a great part of my development as a music therapist.  At one point
in my career I was President of the Southwestern Region.  In 2014 the Region
presented me with their Lifetime Leadership Award.  My original song entitled
The Music In My Heart is the official song of the Region.  (see below)