Blue Mood (2009) for clarinet, flute & guitar LISTEN
Note to Film Directors and Producers:  Anything here or elsewhere on my website
may be expanded, put into a new key, given a new tempo - or changed in any manner that
you suggest.  I will give you permission to use any of these in your production without a
fee.  If your film eventually produces income, we will negotiate a fair royalty at that time.  
This will be stated in my initial release to you.  The instrumental examples given here were
generated electronically.  If you want to use one of them, we can make live recordings.
          REEDSDEER (2012) for woodwind ensemble  LISTEN
Broadcast Breaks (2000) for synthesizer - 15 short pieces in two parts
that may be expanded or modified for your use

          Mini March  
LISTEN                  Harpsichord  LISTEN
          Swingset  LISTEN                    Face Race  LISTEN
          Needles  LISTEN                     Reed Dance  LISTEN
          Hurdy Burdy  LISTEN               China Canon  LISTEN
          Rootytoot  LISTEN                   Marko Poko  LISTEN
          Fuel Duel  LISTEN                   Hopalong  LISTEN
          Mini Bini  LISTEN                    Tuba Harp  LISTEN
          Jerky Lerky  LISTEN        
  Chorale & Fugue #1 (2000) for synthesizer  LISTEN
  Multi Facet (1996) for synthesizer  LISTEN
  Experithenix (1973) for synthesizer  LISTEN
          PLUCACULP (2013) for marimba and harps  LISTEN
  Passacaglia (1998)  LISTEN
  Centennial Variations for woodwind quintet (2000)  LISTEN
          VALZLAV for trombone or euphonium quartet (2014)  LISTEN
          HOMEMOH for bass saxophone, flugelhorn, bass, bongos,
          xylophone, & piano (2014)  
          FANFARE PRELUDE for band (2014)  LISTEN