Who am I?  I am and old guy in generally good health and in
possession of my mental faculties.  I am so grateful to be alive
in this time and place, and I am grateful to all of the persons
who have helped me come this far.

Priorities:  music composition, improvisation, music therapy,
loving friends and family, service to persons less fortunate

Distractions:  television, the internet, too many naps

I am a composer – not a great composer, but a very good
composer.   Am I well-known? – no.  Is composition the basis
of my livelihood? – no.  Are there elements of my composition
that are unique and worthy  of mention? – absolutely.

I am a music therapist – a very good music therapist.  I
wandered into this field because of mistakes made in other
areas, but what I learned from those mistakes has made me an
even better music therapist.

I am a writer – a fair one whose ideas are understandable but
sometimes lacking in clarity and development.  

I am a visual artist – my drawings or “doodles” are well-
organized and generally pleasing to the eye – not great but a
large step above what is accepted as great art in some elitist

I am a Christian, but I do not believe that those who do not
share this belief are bound for hell and damnation.  That the
God of creation could "play favorites" is a philosophy that I
cannot embrace.

I have had a successful career as a music therapist. I have had
a second successful career as member of university faculty.  I
feel that with patience and dedicated work I a can have a
successful career as a composer.

There is a lot of information on this website about my
accomplishments.  There is much more to add, and my
resources in retirement are somewhat limited.  I will do what I
can to complete the effort, knowing that, longevity and being
ultimately remembered are very much out of my hands.  

BOTTOM LINE:  My life has been filled with much love and
many wonderful experiences.  I have made many mistakes, but
in each instance have been able to move on to more useful
service.  If this should be my last day on the planet, I would
leave content that I had made the most of my opportunities -
especially in the area of providing music for those to whom it is
not always available and for whom it can be a very wonderful,
life-changing medium.  I realize that being ignored is not
necessarily negative.  When someone does not respond to a
courteous request or a single submission, it does not mean that
they do not like me or my music.  More than likely it just
means that they are very busy people with their own set of
priorities.  I will not let the lack of a courteous response deter
me from continuing to write with the skills that I possess.