All God's People Love to Sing (1979)

Published and recorded by Epoch Universal in Phoenix.  The singers are        
 the Cactus Circle Children's Choir (my kids and some of their friends)
                    This collection is now out of print.

   1. I See God in a Rainbow  LISTEN
   2. His Love Is Everything  LISTEN
   3. I Have Love  LISTEN
   4. Just The Way You Are  LISTEN
   5. Thank You, Lord, for the Sunshine  LISTEN
   6. The Spirit of the Lord  LISTEN
   7. All God's People Love to Sing  LISTEN
   8. Give Him Thanks For Clouds and Sunshine  LISTEN
   9. God's People Make the World Go Round  LISTEN
  10. The Sunshine of Jesus Fills My Heart  LISTEN
  11. When The World Lets You Down  LISTEN
  12. Jesus Our Friend  LISTEN
  13. My Lord Takes Care of Me  LISTEN
  14. Bless, O Lord, Your People  LISTEN
  15. Oh, Yes, I See  LISTEN
  16. All Day Long  LISTEN
  17. Come To My Heart  LISTEN
  18. 'Til You Learn to Love the Lord - LISTEN
  19. Help Me, Lord  LISTEN
  20. Prayer for Guidance  LISTEN
  21. Intercession  LISTEN
  22. In My Heart Today  LISTEN
  23. Our God Is a God of Love  LISTEN
  24. If I Love You and You Love Me  LISTEN
  25. He Is Risen From the Grave  LISTEN
  26. Bethlehem  LISTEN
       Make A Joyful Noise (1988)

I wrote and produced these songs that were for adults with
intellectual disabilities.  I was happy that the professional
singers who recorded them found them interesting and
enjoyable.  Published by Mel Bay but are now out of print.

    A Star, A Boy, A Song  LISTEN
    Be Near Me  LISTEN
    Benediction  LISTEN
    Every Step of the Way  LISTEN
    For You and Me  LISTEN
    In Our Lord  LISTEN
    Jesus Is My Friend  LISTEN
    My Lord Cares for Me  LISTEN
    My Lord Loves Me So  LISTEN
    Over My Head (arrangement)  LISTEN
    Sing to the Lord  LISTEN
    The King Is Coming  LISTEN
    The Love I See  LISTEN
    Whole World (arrangement) LISTEN
                  Songs That Live (1988)

These songs were also written for adults with intellectual disabilities, but this
recording, produced by Jay Miller, was published and marketed for children
by International Cassette Corporation.  They are now out of print.

     1. The Lord Has Done Great Things  LISTEN  
     2. Big Boat Blues  
     3. God Loves His People  LISTEN
     4. Dream Great Dreams  LISTEN
     5. Give Us This Day  LISTEN
     6. David  LISTEN
     7. Trust In The Lord  LISTEN
     8. Hear The Bells  LISTEN
     9. Happy Are You  LISTEN
    10. Come Down, Oh Lord  LISTEN
    11. We Have a Wonderful God  LISTEN
    12. Take Up Your Cross  LISTEN
    13. There's Nothing Like God's Good Love  LISTEN
    14. God Is, and We Are His  LISTEN
    15. Long Ago and Far Away  LISTEN
    16. God Has Made Great Promises  LISTEN
    17. Sing Praise To His Name  LISTEN
    18. Give Us This Day  LISTEN
    19. Spirit of Jesus  LISTEN
    20. Jesus, He's the One  LISTEN
    21. Jesus Is His Name  LISTEN
    22. Jesus Came  LISTEN
    23. He Is Your Lord and Saviour  LISTEN
    24. Praise Jesus  LISTEN
    25. Help Me Do What You Want Me To Do  LISTEN
    26. Let the Little Children Come Unto Me  LISTEN
    27. More and More Like You  LISTEN
    28. Our Lord Jesus Hears Us When We Pray  LISTEN
    29. Give A Little Love Away  LISTEN
    30. The One Who'll See Me Through  LISTEN
    31. Let The Spirit of the Lord Come In  LISTEN
    32. Turn Your Life Over To The Lord  LISTEN
    33. Let The Lord Jesus Come Into Your Heart  LISTEN
    34. His Love Is Alive In You and Me  LISTEN
    35. I Know Jesus  LISTEN