The Meaning of Aaahk!  My friend Jimmy, who is a resident at the local state
supported living center, told me that his friend Bosco gave the weather forecast
each day.  I knew that Bosco had never learned to speak, so I asked Jimmy,
"What did he say?"  The response:  Aaahk!
No room!  The Christmas Pageant at the State School is always a big event.  
The three innkeepers have one line to say as Mary and Joseph knock on their
door.  The line is "No room!"  One year the first innkeeper, just trying to be
helpful, listened for the knock and then opened the door to say "Come on in!"
They are Listening!  My late Aunt Catherine had a cat living in her home that
belonged to her neighbor across the street. The cat evidently got more attention
and snacks from her.  The cat was in the house when I began discussing moving
Catherine to assisted living.  The next day it returned to its owner.
       I have had suction cup handles in my shower for several months.  When they
began slipping out of place, I ordered some new ones.  When these arrived, I
told my assistant (in hearing distance of the shower) that the next one that slipped
would be replaced.  None have slipped for several weeks.