These are undated thoughts that occur to me now and then.  They are
grouped according to subject, and they don't really mean anything
special to me.  If you like one of them, pass it along to a friend.   

   Eye contact
:  I believe that people who do not make eye contact do so
because (1) they have some unresolved psychological issues that they are
dealing with,   (2) they think that they are superior to the person they are
meeting, (3) they are involved with and electronic device that is capturing
their attention, or (4) they just don't give a damn about others.  
    It is obvious that making too much eye contact (as some do) will make
another feel that you are trying to sell them something or that you are
"coming on" to them in a strong way.        
    Don’t be offended by persons who do not make constant eye contact
while you are speaking to them.  They probably need to look away to
process what you are saying.  
    Babies and young children make eye contact rather naturally, and if they
don’t, I always suspect that there is some level of abuse going on in their
    Singers who close their eyes or make eye contact with the ceiling
instead of with the audience are not good communicators.  If they have to
glance away to a piece of music or to their instrument, it probably means
that they are not well-prepared for the performance.

   Politicians:  Congressmen who make rules for themselves that are
different to the rules that apply to all citizens are
self-serving crooks.  But
most of them don’t see it this way.  Since the things they do are considered
legal, they do not question the morality of their actions.  They fall into the
category of the “everyone else is doing it” syndrome.