BONGOGNOB for band & full percussion (2014)  LISTEN
AUTOMOTUA for solo euphonium and band (2013)  LISTEN
Alpha Dance II for band (2007) Aura Lee  LISTEN
Clock Werke for band (2008) - published by Harold Gore -
available at
Pender's Music Company    LISTEN
Symetritonix #1 for band (2005) Camptown  LISTEN
Occasional Variations III for band (2007)  LISTEN
Texas Tango for band (2009)  LISTEN
JINGLE BINGLE for band (2014)  LISTEN
Lone Star for beginning band (2015)  LISTEN
Most of these pieces are unpublished.  If one or more of them interests you,
please contact me.  I will be happy to furnish score and parts without charge.
American Fantasie for band (2015)  LISTEN
Sam Bass Boogie for band (2015)  LISTEN  
God Rest Ye for beginnng band (2015)  LISTEN
March Omega for band (2017)  LISTEN
Mister Jim for beginning band (2017)  LISTEN
**** score and parts available by request