February 2011 - At the beginning of the month I was still in the hospital recovering from the severe
foot infection that laid me low in January.  It was not a happy time, but it was a useful time during
which I learned about the many problems associated with confinement.
I have visited hospitals and nursing homes for many years, and in casual contact they seem like
places that would be okay for spending a few days.  And, generally, I think most of them are
well-managed.  If you are really "picky" about food and daily schedule, you would probably not be
pleased with any of them.
What I did not realize until I spent six weeks in the hospital is the level of self-imposed confinement
and what that does to your spirit and how much it affects who you are for the moment.
I thrive on getting involved with the community in as many ways as possible (church, civic groups,
volunteering, playing music with friends, etc.), so to be "cooped up" for a long period of time was
not easy for me.
 I did have my PC and my electronic keyboard to keep me amused.  The internet service provided
by the hospital was restricted (no YouTube or other diversions).  I was able to keep up with some of
my email and able to communicate with a couple of publishers who are proposing projects
regarding music therapy.  I watched some television (again with very limited access), but that gets
old very quickly.
 Clinical depression is not a subject with which I have had any great amount of experience, but I
think that I began to experience that after the first couple of weeks.  I do recognize the symptoms
and was able, in most situations, to defend myself against this intruder.
 I learned quickly to be very polite and complimentary to hospital personnel, and found that they will
return the favor.  There were certainly things regarding my care about which I could have
complained, but I know from experience that this sort of attitude is not productive.
 My music composition ground to a halt.  I tried writing a few song lyrics, but that went nowhere.  My
PC does not have the
Finale program that I use for composition.  I could have had it installed, but I
don't think it would have motivated me greatly.
 My wife Sara visited me every day, and several friends from the Denton music scene came with
fair frequency.  This was certainly a very difficult time for me, but in retrospect I know that I learned
lessons in patience that will serve me well as I enter the "golden years".

February 1979 - In Ft. Worth law enforcement officials have seized a large supply of pornographic
movies and the equipment for showing them.  If the people who use this equipment were
dependent upon my patronage for their survival, they would have ceased to exist a long time ago;
however, I will defend to my dying day the right of privacy and free enterprise.  As long as my public
behavior is socially acceptable, I don't want anyone telling me what I can read, what pictures I can
look at, how I can worship, or what occupation I can pursue.  The inalienable rights guaranteed to
me by the U. S. Constitution are one of my most prized possessions.  Obviously, the rights I desire
for myself must also be extended to others, as long as they do not abuse the privilege.
  I know what you are thinking.  Pinson doesn't seem to realize that the dirty old men who patronize
those porno movie houses get overly excited and go out and commit sex crimes.  There is no
research available to back up such an opinion; in fact, there are statistics that tend to indicate that
just the opposite may be true.  In Denmark, where all types of pornography have been legalized
since 1969 and made available to all persons 16 and over, psychologists have collected the
following information:  There has been no change in the rate of rape, exhibitionism is down 58
percent, peeping is down 80 percent, molesting of women is down 56 percent, and molesting girls
under the age of 14 is down 69 percent.  These figures may indicate that pornography provides a
safety valve for potential sex criminals.  I do not advocate legalization of pornography; I only feel that
our Constitution is a worthless piece of paper unless we try to defend its basic principles.
   Happiness is being the only man in a class of young women at T.W.U.  At first one feels awkward
on a campus with such a large female population, but there is a spirit of friendliness which helps to
quickly overcome this feeling.  Registration was the usual maze of computer cards.  The thing that
really bugs me about these sacred objects that one must not fold or mutilate is that the persons in
charge invariably ask you to answer questions that require your having to write in an around the little
holes in the cards - a frustrating task to say the least.