August, 2008 - You can see the start of school approaching and realize that several things you
planned to do during the summer break have not been addressed.   I am not sure whether the
problem is lack of time or lack of organization - most likely the latter.  Time is a problem only
because we waste so much on brainless activities like most of what is offered by the television
networks.  If organization is lacking, we may miss the mark regardless of the hours expended.
Of course, if the organization is faulty, or if the purpose of your pursuit is a useless 400 pound
gorilla, then you should probably start over (a scary thought) - OR, find a way to package that large
monkey to make him a winner instead of a loser.
Since I am an independent, it seems acceptable for me to comment about both presidential
candidates and their running mates - based upon personal opinions and what little I know about the
whole process.  On the Democratic side we have "Bama-Lama Ding Dong" (origin of this clever
nickname from the internet is murky, although I think it was the title of a song by the Edsels), and
"John McNoBrain" (bottom of the academic heap at the Naval Academy) heads up the Republican
ticket.  These labels tend to sum up my opinions regarding these men.  
Obviously, both are good politicians, or they would not be heading their respective tickets.  Both
seem to be free from association with any major scandal - at least for the moment.  I am not sure
whether the greater appeal for "Bama-Lama" lies in his youthful exuberance or his promises of
change in a system that has angered many people in recent years.  Experience tells me that the
promises any candidate makes seldom become reality after he/she is elected.  So, I take
Bama-Lama's promises with a grain of salt.  Biden should be an asset to the ticket, but I really don't
know anything about him.
"Mc NoBrain" has some qualities that I like.  He is a war hero and understands the role of sacrifice
in preserving our freedoms.  I don't care for his trophy wife, the beer distributor - but, again, I really
don't know much about her.  I like Sarah Palin.  She almost seems too honest and down to earth to
be a politician.
Bottom line:  Whoever inherits this presidency will be up to his ears in significant problems that cry
for solutions.  Unfortunately, it is Congress that makes the laws and spends the money, and the
chief executive can only hope to have a significant positive impact on their work.     

August, 1979 -

I predict that before long someone will establish the "Gateway Church" (in the tradition of
Watergate, Koreagate, Energygate, etc.).  The criteria for membership will be as follows:
(1) One must aspire to power, prestige, and fame at any price.  (2) One must cultivate the
friendship of honest men and especially spiritual leaders.  (3) One must obey the law only
as it suits his/her own purposes.  (4) One must deny all accusations, even if caught red-handed.
(5) One must vow to turn any conviction into a victory by writing a boring book about the
Editor's note:  Denton now has a congregation called the Gateway Church, and
I can assure you that it is not like this proposed model in any way


If you've ever flown before and think about flying again,
you'll want to know the latest on the fate of the DC-10.
Some folks have shown some mild concern,
'cause they'd really rather not crash and burn.
They'd like to live instead of die, but the FAA can't understand why.
Douglas says the aircraft is sound, but inspections show otherwise.
We'd all like to know who's telling the truth
before we fly those "friendly skies".
We used to try to get on a flight where the girls move their tails around.
Now we will settle for a sturdy plane that can keep its tail off the ground.
Those "peanut fares" are tempting; the most cowardly traveler may yield.
Just hope and pray you don't miss the runway - and land in a peanut field.
In case you're still not satisfied, some good news has just come in.
You'll all be greatly relieved to know:
Richard Nixon swears by the DC-10.