November, 2007 - Before I look at my scrapbook to tell me what happened in November, I will
first try to tap my aging brain cells to see what comes forward.  I remember a trip to Louisville,
Kentucky, (my first) where I attended the national conference of the music therapy association.  
It is an interesting city with a downtown area that is trying to bounce back from years of neglect.
Some progress is being made.  I walked to this area on a couple of occasions.  There was a
fine band in a piano bar called
Howl At The Moon.  It was an unusual group in that all four
members played piano rather well, but each guy also doubled on another instrument (bass,
guitar, or drums).  I also remember seeing an old guy on the street there who was a Colonel
Sanders look-a-like.  He would take your photo with him shaking hands for a fee.  I declined.
I also remember a great trip to Las Vegas with Sara.  It was our first - to celebrate our fortieth
wedding anniversary that occurred in September.  It is like being on another planet that is
obviously driven by the attraction of gambling.  There is energy on the street that reminds me
of New York City.  We won no money - and lost no money.  We were more attracted to the
shows.  Got to see Penn and Teller, who have become a Las Vegas institution.  Just a two man
show with very little props and scenery, but it was thoroughly entertaining.  We also saw Cirque
de Soleil "O" at the Bellagio.  The stage has a large pool of water in the center, and during the
production hydraulics change it to a dance floor and other configurations.  The acrobatics, the
music (all live), and non-stop action were outstanding.  I expected to see more beautiful women
in the casinos, but evidently they are reserved for the high dollar crowd who don't gamble with
the average folks.
In observing the culture of gambling I am not thinking "evil sinners" - rather, I am thinking "How
can these folks be living lives that are so unexciting and meaningless that they get their kicks
playing the slots or engaging in other games"?  It seems like such a waste.  We spoke to one
family in the airport who seemed to be unaware that there was anything else to do or to see in
the city.  I didn't inquire as to whether they won, because I think I already knew the answer.
November, 1979 - We took the kiddos to see the "Greatest Snow on Earth" (no typo there).  
We parked in the lower level of the convention center.  "Look, Daddy, see the elephants?  
They have big chains around their legs."  And to what were the chains tied?  "To the building
supports, Daddy."
Do you ever wonder whether orientals have to go through orientation like everyone else?  Or
do you ever wonder why the islands are called the Philippines and the people Filipinos?
The advertisement says "Funerals are for the living."  Certainly gypsies believe that.  They
take up a collection for the deceased in order that he or she may have funds in the new life.  
After the gifts are counted, they write a check for the amount and place it with the body.  The
actual cash is given to the next of kin.  Does this sound like something the federal government
would do?

RHYME FOR OUR TIME (may be sung to the tune of
Mack the Knife)

Ayatollah, Ayatollah, how we wish we - didn't know ya.
With your funny hat and your fuzzy beard
you have proved yourself - to be super-weird.
We don't want your - high priced crude oil.
We just want our folks - back on U. S. soil.
Ayatollah, don't you know-ah, that our patience is wearing thin.

Ayatollah, Ayatollah, how we'd like to - really show ya.
If we weren't so - diplomatic, we could stop your selfish static.
But we love to - knuckle under, while you calmly - steal our thunder.
Ayatollah, please let us know-ah
when this ball game is going to end.