July, 2007 - I missed playing my trombone in the Denton Institute of Phrenology Band on the fourth.
Had a skin cancer removed from my lip and must stay away from the sliphorn for a few weeks.  I
should be back to playing by September 1, but if not, we have all agreed that it would not be a
shattering loss to the world of music.  
In mid-July the Denton Bell Band played for a national director's seminar sponsored by the handbell
guild.  We were just a demonstration choir to show what folks with disabilities can do when given the
opportunity.  We are generally ignored by the rank and file of the handbell world, but we have
survived in spite of that.  I have directed this group for 30 years, and If you don't know about this
side of Mister Joe, check it out at
That same week I went to the Brave Combo CD release party at Dan's Silverleaf.  I personally think
Denton Polka will be a big hit for them.  Carl and the guys are amazing - a real musical
Granddaughter Haley began walking this month.  It is truly amazing how much information and ability
a child develops in one year.  If your children and grandchildren are healthy, say a little prayer of
thanks.  If you don't know about the other side of the coin, volunteer some time at Denton State

July, 1979 - We were evidently experiencing lines at the gas stations, because I offered some
suggestions for drivers.  These were not very funny, so I will spare you.  This was at the time when
we still had "full service", and evidently some of the station owners were serving their regular
customers and ignoring some others.  I didn't remember this, but that was probably because I
always bought my gas from Roy Pursur on Sherman Drive, and it was never a problem for me.  Roy
was a man who had an opinion about everything, and he didn't spare any "descriptive" language in
telling you what he thought.  He was a man who understood that dollars were sometimes hard to
accumulate, and for that reason he treated all the customers I knew with great dignity.
The marquee in front of the church said "A Heart Full of Jesus is Better Than a Tank Full of Gas".  I
rather imagine that, for the benefit of those folks who have to drive some distance to get to church,
they'd better pray for both.
What I notice about re-visiting this old column is that it was typed on my old Underwood portable
typewriter.  Early computers were available, but I have never been at the forefront of technology.  
Found interesting facts about computers at:  
history of computers