Septmber, 2007

I am realizing as I write this (in October) that it should be composed closer to the occurrence of
events.  At my age the short term memory is not very reliable.
The beginning of the new semester at the university is always an interesting time.  Seeing the young
folks beginning their journey into the world is fascinating.  Many seem very mature and ready for
whatever happens, and others seem totally lost amid the new surroundings.  I make an honest effort
to learn everyone's name and to be encouraging.  When I was their age, I was not ready for the real
world, but I was too naive to know how "not ready" I was.  Growing up is difficult, but we all have to get
it done somehow in a timely manner.
September 10 was the anniversary of the wedding to my lovely bride, Sara.  This is our 40th
anniversary.  She is a very brave and caring woman who has chosen to stay by my side all of these
years, and I love her very much.  We are celebrating the anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas (our
first) in November.
My Bell Band (persons with disabilities) performed at the Habitat for Humanity Concert on September
16.  Their music was okay, but talking, inattention, and frequent trips to the rest rooms made their
appearance very distracting to the audience.  If we are invited again, I will have them positioned in a
place where these interruptions will not occur or be less noticeable.  It is my desire to present them in
the most positive light possible, and this is difficult at times.  If you don't know about DBB, check out
the website:
Received copies of the Japanese translation of Music Therapy in Principle and Practice (the
textbook written with Don Michel).  I gave two copies to Japanese students at the university.  It is
good to get exposure to other cultures, and I am hoping the book does well in their market.
Began playing my trombone again this month, after two months of rest following lip surgery (for skin
cancer) during the summer.  Healing seems to be on target, and I think my "chops" will rebuild in
time.  I really enjoy playing the horn, and although my ability is somewhat limited, I am generally able
to keep up with the others in the senior "Dixie" band where I play.

September, 1979

I was obviously living under stress or "out of my mind" when I suggested in print that Ted Kennedy
might be a good candidate for President.  My rationale was that he still had some of the Kennedy
"style" that had captivated the public during the JFK administration.  I lived in Washington, D.C., long
enough to see Kennedy inaugurated and buried.  His death had a great impact on my life, and I
remember where I was and what I was doing when he was assassinated.  I made some career
decisions that were necessary and correct.  It took several years to get back on the right track, but it
began with that event.  I guess in my youthful stupidity I thought, in spite of his obvious problems,
Teddy might have enough of that "style" to bring the White House back to the "good old days".  
About Senator
Ted - I was very much dead - wrong.
 Included in this column was another "Rhyme for Our Time" - about my experience of seeing a small
car come racing through the Post Office parking lot to occupy the handicapped spot.  His
personalized licence plate said "TAD".  Most of it is not very memorable, but I will insert here the last
two sections:

         It's not what you've got, Tad, but what you have not,
         when you buzz in an and park in the handicapped spot.                        
         You have not an ounce of concern your brain;
         other folks are the track, and you are the train.

         Wise up and slow down before it's too late;
         learn to show love instead of throw weight.
         My friend, it is not my intent to disturb;
         but the next time we meet, I'll stay on the curb.